Must-See Denver Hot Spot!

Architecture always influences interior design. For me, architecture is important to the success of a project to flow holistically, inside and out. The form of the structure and the interior design and décor need to speak the same language to evoke a strong concept and reinforce the brand identity. 

I have had a chance to discover all the nooks and crannies of downtown Denver. From hotels to showrooms to restaurants and everything in between, I have loved getting to know this city and its signature style. I pay special attention to respect the architecture, which leads to a balanced design that feels comfortable to the end-user! 

Denver is an ever-evolving city in the midst of a culinary and interior design revolution, elevating the industries to be on-par with more robust cities. My 12th-floor apartment at the Confluence Park gives me an incredible vantage point to view all of the newness below. It feels like a new frontier, not just for my husband and I, but everyone around us. 


I feel compelled to share some of my thoughts on one of my favorite recently-opened boutique hotels— The Ramble Hotel. Nestled in the emerging RiNo neighborhood, this highly anticipated hotel opening has far exceeded my expectations. The overarching concept for Ramble Hotel is very intriguing, as it is inspired by a chateau in France. This is unique for Denver because there are no other hotels in the area that incorporate these classical European elements in a modernized setting. 

The hotel is home to the infamous Death & Co. cocktail bar. The bar’s second outlet opened outside of New York City! I love the layout and how they have blended the ground floor functions to serve as hotel operations and F&B; lobby guest check-in, coffee bar with lounge sofa seating in the morning/daytime, and how the F&B changes throughout the day with the main Death & Co. bar and table dinner service at night within the same space. Very multi-functional! It creates a buzzing atmosphere full of energy at any time of the day. 

If I had to narrow down my top 3 favorite design elements throughout the space, it would be... 

Saturated midnight blues, evergreen, mustard, and spice colored fabrics (dark and sexy), incorporated through the use of rich velvets and leather, is balanced with light oak wood paneling detailing.  They brought the natural element of the outdoors inside green foliage throughout.  The drama is accentuated through large-scaled tufting on the sofas and check-in desk.  




There’s an interesting blend of architectural and decorative lighting like the classical French Empire over-scaled crystal chandeliers for dramatic effect, mid-century modern wall sconces, and very traditional residential feeling table lamps that look straight out of antique store & also beautiful use of antique Persian rugs that bring in some pattern to the space.



It respects the neighborhood architecturally with the red brick, and incorporates elements that are reminiscent of the past. The designer used a dynamic blend of parquet flooring with plaster and concrete textured walls with rich colors juxtaposed to the black metal sash windows, brass detailing, and dark blue velvet drapery panel.


Looking for lighter, airier vibes? Hit up the chic “garden” patio on the second level of the hotel— the craft cocktails and bites won't disappoint. I recommend trying out their twist on “The French 75” cocktail and a Lobster Roll… pure magic! 

At Ramble, the lobby space encourages many interpersonal connections between hotel guests, those posting up with coffee to work, and those grabbing a cocktail or dinner at Death & Co. With New York City’s Death & Co. opening their 2nd location here, they have brought a forward-thinking and innovative F&B program to Denver. Their food and beverage offerings, as well as service with serious attention to detail is un-matched all within a truly stunning space that flows.

Denver is on the rise with dozens of cranes on the horizon, huge developments underway, and thousands of apartments opening to hold all of the growth, this burgeoning culture is being defined by a millennial generation of hip, cool design enthusiasts! The Ramble Hotel has successfully executed the concept of community as a multi-functional space, which is why I love the property!


-Jamie Williams & STUDIO JW Team




Two Worlds Collide... When Fashion Meets the Interiors

As I’ve found my way settling in Denver, it has been quite the lifestyle transformation! From finding different cultural and artistic opportunities for STUDIO JW to be involved with, to exploring the mountain ranges with my husband, I think about how I can mix my New York life with the Denver life, and make the two worlds meet. 

Many people may not know that I have a fashion merchandising degree and started my career off in fashion. In New York, I was always surrounded by the most innovative, young fashion designers on 7th avenue while I studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology.  Naturally, I’ve always been in tune with what’s going on in the fashion world, even since I was a young girl. Anyone who has lived in New York can tell you that in a fashion capital, having good style is NOT up for debate! 

The industries of fashion and interior design have their own unique dynamics, however, they have formed a close-knit relationship where ideas trickle down from one industry to the next. I think it’s fair to say that there’s a crossover between the two industries. As a designer myself, it’s important that I stay on top of the latest forecasting, and that I continue to be aware of what direction different designers are heading. It’s empowering to see so many designers who have branched out to different areas of design, and this seems to be a growing trend for designers who have made a name for themselves. 

In an ever-changing world of design - fashion, interiors, and graphics - I can gather inspiration from nearly anything! Whether it's a complex patterned fabric or drape from clothing, or the most minute detail in a piece of art, inspiration is all around!

FashionLook_2 copy.jpg

With fall right around the corner, we’re keeping up with what’s happening on the runway to inspire ideas for our interior projects. One of my personal favorite fashion houses to follow, Chanel, showcased models in the Chanel Couture Fall 2018 fashion show strutting through an enchanted forest – fabulous for the fall time!

Above, model Yvonne Bevanda's fierce, edgy tone is set with a combination of layered materials and an enticing pop of emerald green; it's a technique interior designers know and love (including myself!).  A careful and deliberate combination of elements like line, shape, form, and texture in both fashion and interior styling makes for a complex and pleasing design that evokes an array of feelings. This gives designers and stylists the satisfaction of being able to create visually dynamic compositions!


A blend of neutral tones in a collection seems to never go out of style; both in fashion and home décor. We've been following Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino Fall 2018 Couture collection including this look that's monochromatically rich in texture and drape. This concept can also translate into a calming and warm space in the world of interiors. While model Maisie Dunlop exemplifies that simplicity in fabrics and color will always be timeless, translating it into an interior lends to a modern and beautifully-contrasted space from earthy tones that showcases rich textures! 


Adding to the chic, earthy tones that we're obsessed with, the Fendi Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection consisted of a contemporary blend of neutrals, subtle fall colors and a lot of plaid! The mixture of fur, suede, and leather for model Rocio Marconi screams chic and sophisticated in one design. The collection was all about women empowerment, and the model above exhibits a powerful and feminine look. We love making a statement in the interiors whether it's through unique textiles or decorative artwork. In this high-gloss interior, the artwork with stilettos shows an image of power! The over-scaled tufted sofa combined with a mix of metals with plush fabric is the perfect combo for a luxuriously polished and sleek space. It doesn't get anymore glamorous than this!


Not only do colors portray different moods within color context, but they also play an important role in creating harmony throughout a composition. Primary colors are timeless, and both designs above appear light and airy when primary and secondary colors are put against a white background. Although saturated red is stimulating, shades of blue add a sense of calmness in this interior décor.  As designers, we're always deciding between using complementary colors or analogous colors when trying to achieve harmony in a design. 

If there’s one thing we can sum up about designers, it is that our influences and approaches to our work comes from the world we surround ourselves with. One’s ability to indulge themselves in culture, history, and other monumental influences enables them to lead with innovative design and upcoming trends. The blend between fashion and interior design allows for a shared vision to create art and choreograph beyond-magical storytelling!

Let us know what you think about the worlds of fashion and interior design coming together! 

-Jamie Williams & STUDIO JW Team


Essential Elements: 5 Must Haves for Your Perfect Summer Backyard


Your outside space is just as important as the inside; it is an extension of your home. As we continue with summer, our team here at STUDIO JW wants to help you to have the perfect entertainment setup by giving you a designer’s guide to creating your dream outdoor space.

Whether you’re hosting a party with guests, or simply escaping from the hustle and bustle from everyday life, who doesn’t want to take an outdoor space from lackluster to lavish?  We’ve rounded up the five essential elements that make for a perfect oasis…right in the comfort of your backyard!



A Statement Lounge Chair

A statement piece speaks for itself. From the chair’s design using line, shape and form, to color and thoughtful use of material, lounge chairs offer more than just a place to sit. Some of our favorite furniture companies include: Kettal, with products manufactured in Barcelona, Spain; Harbour Outdoor, including traditional and modern elements crafted in Sydney, Australia; and B&B Italia, known for its innovative and elegant elements. We're loving the design of this oversized Canasta armchair which is a modern interpretation of the tradition cane back chair. 


A Playful Pattern and Pop of COLor

Patterns and colors immediately, and easily, accentuate any space. It adds life and if used correctly, shouldn’t be overwhelming. A fun-patterned area rug adds detail and a pop of color naturally grabs your attention. Combining these two elements will allow you to easily change your atmosphere while adding visual interest!


      Outdoor Lighting

The sun’s natural light sets and we’re left with little to no lighting... now what? A balance between architectural lighting such as uplighting and wall sconces, and decorative lighting such as string lights and lanterns, transforms any outdoor space into a magical, summer night. We love the outdoor lighting collection of Rejuvenation, where you can find both string and pendant lights. DEDON's lighting accessories also feature beautiful outdoor lighting collections including THE OTHERS, which are hand-woven, sculpture-like lanterns. Check them out below!



Fire Element

In addition to creating your outdoor ambience, we can take it a step further by adding one of earth’s natural elements. The warmth of a fire makes for a cozy and inviting environment, and friends and family will have a spot to gather and interact with one another – talk about the perfect entertainment. You can achieve this with a more modern, architectural feature like this contemporary linear fire element on the ground shown below, or with a traditional outdoor fireplace using logs. Both are exciting additions to any backyard! 




On a hot, summer day, providing cool shade and protection from the sun is a must, and a pergola is perfect for just that. It provides a private relaxation spot while adding character to your outdoor space. Check out this guide that goes more in depth about adding beauty and decorative interest to a pergola. Pergolas can be your traditional wood slats where you can grow vines or keep it modern and simple as shown in this design below by Piet Boon. 


Regardless of what summer look you’re aiming for, it’s important to have a fresh, outdoor space that feels like the perfect oasis. We hope this brings inspiration to completing your perfect summer backyard and bringing life to your outdoor space in your own, unique way!


-Jamie Williams + STUDIO JW Team   




Inspiration from The Big Apple...STUDIO JW Attends ICFF in NYC

Every year around the time of ICFF, New York City hosts the renowned NYC x DESIGN. The event is a spectacular showcase of a multitude of design disciplines, celebrated all around the city. Design week in New York City showcases the latest and greatest in modern furniture and décor, you can feel the creative energy flowing throughout. We’re always excited to attend this event, and keep our design eye stimulated. 




We were perhaps most excited to see Amuneal’s most recent offerings. Over the years, we’ve kept a close eye on the manufacturer, and admired them for their beautiful finishes and unparalleled attention to detail. It’s been a treat to watch them develop and progress their products, and they always surprise us with their innovative takes on classic design methodologies. 

However, as we moseyed about the city in constant admiration of all the gorgeous design at hand, we realized that Amuneal was not the only manufacturer we were excited to see. This year’s event, in particular, was a stand-out exhibition of exceptional new products. Designers globally are truly pushing the boundaries in terms of line, shape, form, texture, and use of material to bring something new and modern to the market.





We found ourselves most drawn to some of the new lighting designs emerging on the market. An area of manufacturing that has become somewhat stale is being reinvigorated and reimagined in ways never before seen. We were enthralled by designs by Larose Guyon, who showcased new lighting fixtures that mimic pieces of high-end jewelry. Their “Coco” collection was designed to resemble a string of pearls along a gold chain, giving an air of luxury and elegance that many lighting fixtures miss. 




icff blog.jpg

One of our key takeaways from this event: Modern furniture is scaling down, in a refreshing way. Beautiful simplicity is taking center stage in the world of designed furnishings, and construction of material as become the cornerstone of many manufacturers design technique. With a nation-wide migration to downtown lofts within crowded cities, there is a reduced need for massive, bulky furniture. Many designers— such as our company-wide favorites Sebastian Herkner, Living Divani, and Hayon Studio— are rising to the occasion. Chair and sofa frames are becoming slimmer, with strong linear compositions of metal detail. To summarize, furnishings are becoming lighter, and more airy!

Upon our arrival back to Denver, we couldn’t help but feel reinvigorated and completely awe-struck by ICFF and NYC X Design. We’re excited to kick off new projects, using our new found inspiration to light the way and help us to create bolder, more beautiful spaces. 

We hope this inspires your love for design, and encourage you to check out the work of newer, up-and-coming designers! 


-Jamie Williams + STUDIO JW Team   



It's Official...STUDIO JW has launched in Denver!

Hi there readers,

Jamie here— Founder of STUDIO JW, and recent Brooklyn-to-Denver transplant. I couldn't be any more thrilled to be writing our first blog post to announce our OFFICIAL Denver launch! My team and I are so excited to lay down some roots here and start designing outstanding tailored residential and hospitality spaces for all of our Denver clients and beyond.


A little bit about us:

Our focus is to curate individualized spaces that I personally ensure are distinct expressions of our clients' personal or brand identity. We create luxurious and beautiful designs that evolve through an organic process rooted in getting to know our clients and crafting designs that express our shared vision. We believe impactful design is the careful combination of thoughtful curating and continuous editing.

Whether you're looking for full-service design to accompany a ground-up or gut renovation; looking for a way to update your home with new decorative items; or simply need staging and styling for a professional photo shoot, STUDIO JW can step in at any stage, eager to help invent and innovate. The possibilities are endless!

My team and I are so excited about our work, and really can't wait to meet you and collaborate on stunning projects. Reach out with any queries, or just to say hello! We look forward to chatting.


-Jamie Williams + STUDIO JW Team