Essential Elements: 5 Must Haves for Your Perfect Summer Backyard


Your outside space is just as important as the inside; it is an extension of your home. As we continue with summer, our team here at STUDIO JW wants to help you to have the perfect entertainment setup by giving you a designer’s guide to creating your dream outdoor space.

Whether you’re hosting a party with guests, or simply escaping from the hustle and bustle from everyday life, who doesn’t want to take an outdoor space from lackluster to lavish?  We’ve rounded up the five essential elements that make for a perfect oasis…right in the comfort of your backyard!



A Statement Lounge Chair

A statement piece speaks for itself. From the chair’s design using line, shape and form, to color and thoughtful use of material, lounge chairs offer more than just a place to sit. Some of our favorite furniture companies include: Kettal, with products manufactured in Barcelona, Spain; Harbour Outdoor, including traditional and modern elements crafted in Sydney, Australia; and B&B Italia, known for its innovative and elegant elements. We're loving the design of this oversized Canasta armchair which is a modern interpretation of the tradition cane back chair. 


A Playful Pattern and Pop of COLor

Patterns and colors immediately, and easily, accentuate any space. It adds life and if used correctly, shouldn’t be overwhelming. A fun-patterned area rug adds detail and a pop of color naturally grabs your attention. Combining these two elements will allow you to easily change your atmosphere while adding visual interest!


      Outdoor Lighting

The sun’s natural light sets and we’re left with little to no lighting... now what? A balance between architectural lighting such as uplighting and wall sconces, and decorative lighting such as string lights and lanterns, transforms any outdoor space into a magical, summer night. We love the outdoor lighting collection of Rejuvenation, where you can find both string and pendant lights. DEDON's lighting accessories also feature beautiful outdoor lighting collections including THE OTHERS, which are hand-woven, sculpture-like lanterns. Check them out below!



Fire Element

In addition to creating your outdoor ambience, we can take it a step further by adding one of earth’s natural elements. The warmth of a fire makes for a cozy and inviting environment, and friends and family will have a spot to gather and interact with one another – talk about the perfect entertainment. You can achieve this with a more modern, architectural feature like this contemporary linear fire element on the ground shown below, or with a traditional outdoor fireplace using logs. Both are exciting additions to any backyard! 




On a hot, summer day, providing cool shade and protection from the sun is a must, and a pergola is perfect for just that. It provides a private relaxation spot while adding character to your outdoor space. Check out this guide that goes more in depth about adding beauty and decorative interest to a pergola. Pergolas can be your traditional wood slats where you can grow vines or keep it modern and simple as shown in this design below by Piet Boon. 


Regardless of what summer look you’re aiming for, it’s important to have a fresh, outdoor space that feels like the perfect oasis. We hope this brings inspiration to completing your perfect summer backyard and bringing life to your outdoor space in your own, unique way!


-Jamie Williams + STUDIO JW Team