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Consciously cozy and child-friendly without sacrificing luxury and lavishness.

With life in the city at a constant bustle, this DC-based family of three needed STUDIO JW to help turn the house they had into the home they craved. The home itself embodies the classical and more traditional aspect of surrounding DC architecture, naturally more classical and colonial, with a mix of traditional design. A very modern aesthetic would not suit the house, nor the neighborhood it inhabits.

The clients needed a space that was versatile enough to entertain friends and family while still being a safe and enriching environment to watch their little one grow.  With him in mind, materials like glass and metal were avoided, and instead replaced with a textural palette of updated, fresh light brushed oak wood, warm brass and bronze, and rich leathers.

Velvet draperies in aquamarine, midnight blue velvet chairs, and sheepskin area rugs provided a layer of warmth and elegance to the living areas without overpowering the room’s design. Each space was completed with a beautiful and bold patterned area rug and featured artworks that allowed each area to flow together stylistically.

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